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-candy (melted and hardened into a block, other items stuck to and inside it) (had to eat the other items out of it)

-Pink lace nightie (Hallowe'en prize)
-Pink lingerie (Christmas regain)
-Black cat plushie with a noose around its neck (from the admins)
-Paper bouquet (from Diarmuid)
-Handmade bracelet (from Sheba)
-Whatever this is (from Richtofen)
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As Lambdadelta is an exceedingly powerful witch, she has many powers.  Too many to list, really.  If she feels like doing it, she can probably do it.  They may be spotty in the tower, but, nonetheless.  There is a chance she may be inclined to use them on other characters at some point, ranging from small pranks such as suddenly making them float to something far more serious or gruesome such as stuffing their guts with candy.  Her power of certainty in particular is notable, if she declares something 'with certainty' it becomes, well, absolutely certain.

Comment below if you would like to opt out of anything in particular, or her powers entirely, or if you think your character may not be affected by them, etc. Chances are she isn't going to do anything crazy without prompt or plotting ahead either way, though.

On the other hand, if you would like to plot something involving your character being affected by her powers, comment below or otherwise contact me and we can definitely set something up!


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